This man was riding his bike next to a canal when he saw a sheep drowning. Then he jumped in…


Kane O’Connor was on a bike ride with friends when he noticed a sheep in the water struggling to stay afloat. Unable to stand by and wait for help, the 22-year-old, who works for Toyota Tsusho Assembly Systems, realised he would have to get the job done himself. Watch as Kane helps the animal to safety — to the amusement of the friends who are filming it all.

“The poor thing was freezing,” he told Birmingham Eastside. “Its soaked wool made it a lot heavier and it was unable to really move.

“A nearby barge owner told us that three sheep had been found dead where the boats merge, so I felt like I made a difference to the one I saved.”

After rescuing the sheep Kane called the RSPCA, and a fence has since been installed to prevent other sheep straying into the canal.


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