Council to review fresh application of new nightclub at ‘Prisma’ venue in Birmingham


A decision regarding the licensing of a new nightclub on the Prisma premises is expected to be given by Birmingham City Council today.

Prisma, on Bristol Street, Birmingham, opposite O2 Academy was shut down by the city council earlier this year following a massive pub brawl on January 29th resulting in a man’s face getting slashed.

Serious disorder had broken out at the venue during an event which had been described to the Police as “a 30th birthday party” where a man was found with a gun at the venue.

Licensing officers expressed concerns over the application of a new nightclub, Domus at the same venue for which an application was filed by Petros Liatis.

Concerns about public safety and prevention of crime have been raised by West Midlands police, who have opposed the application.

The proposal seeks a license to permit the Sale of Alcohol (for consumption both on and off the premises) to operate from 10:00 am until 05:30 am (Monday to Sunday).

The location is also home to other eateries and pubs who raised concerns of the reopening of the venue into a nightclub.

A nearby business owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said:

“Reopening of the venue could mean several issues cropping up again.

“There’s parking issues in the neighbourhood because of late night clubs remaining open.

“Prisma caused major safety issues because of regular pub brawls and acts of violence and the new club could once again raise the same concerns.”


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