VIDEO: Brexit pollster warns divide between Leave and Remain voters could increase


A researcher specialising in Brexit has warned that divisions in the UK over leaving the EU may worsen.

Jay Rowe from the Centre for Brexit Studies, said:

“We probably haven’t seen the full extent of how divided the nation will be because the Brexit process is still ongoing.”

Rowe was talking to Birmingham Eastside reporter Laura Sanders at the Centre for Brexit Studies annual conference in London.

Jay Rowe is researching voter attitudes and perceptions towards Brexit and how they have changed over time.

“We’re always given a lot of information from the media about politics, but sometimes our own emotions override the information we’re receiving.

“Attitudes have become a little more entrenched than they were. I think people were a little bit more open minded in the 1970s when Britain first joined the EU.

“Now I think the remain and leave divide is even more entrenched.”

Rowe suggested that it is difficult to measure the accuracy of the divide or public attitude.

“Polling-wise, even in the 2016 referendum, all the polls leading up to the vote were favouring Remain, but I think polling isn’t really accurate, and knowledge of people’s polling attitudes isn’t accurate either.”

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