Birmingham in top 10 for economic benefit from international students


Birmingham’s international students have helped contribute £20 billion to the UK economy this year, according to the Higher Education Policy Institute.

The Higher Education Policy Institute has found that this money gets put productively into local economies to support a range of businesses, including nightclubs, specialised shops, and cafes. On average, each overseas student is worth £102,000 to the UK economy.

However, there are concerns that Brexit will have a negative impact on the number of students coming to the UK to study. Inna Eerikäinen, from Birmingham City University’s International Office and a Masters student, has said that tighter regulations could put people off.

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The Higher Education Policy Institute wants a more positive approach to international students, and for the Home Office to not include them in their migration target measurements. There are currently no plans to change these measurements. The Home Office also said “There is no limit to the number of genuine international students that can come to the UK to study and we very much value the contribution that they make.”

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