Birmingham student sees bear artwork take centre stage in The Big Sleuth


A Birmingham student has seen one of her works take centre stage at The Big Sleuth in Birmingham.

The public art project will see 100 decorated sun bear statues placed around the city to showcase the area’s artistic and cultural diversity.

One of the bears has been created by Birmingham City University illustration student Lauren Buffery.

Lauren Buffery with her bear

Lauren Buffery with her bear

She has spent 90 hours painting the floral-themed creation, which will go on display at B4 Parking on Weaman Street.

“You don’t see many flowers in Birmingham and The Big Sleuth is a way of bringing vibrancy and colour to this great city,” said 24 year-old Lauren, who lives in Great Barr.

“My work is very intricate and floral, and as you can see from the design of my bear that I always like to bring out the minor details so that when you step back, it’s the intricate detail that gives it that ‘wow factor’.”

Other bears display during the ten-week public art trail include Straw-bear-y, Bentley the Bearwood Bear and Marli the Eco Bear.

Once the display is over, the bears will be auctioned off to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.


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