VIDEO: Reaction to ‘Blue Story’ controversial movie ban, sparked by cinema fighting


Additional reporting by Jovita Stroylte

Students at Birmingham City University have reacted to the ban of love story, Blue Story, across Vue cinemas in the UK.

Six teenagers and a 19 year old man have been arrested on suspicion of assaulting police. Violence broke out at the Vue cinema at Star City Birmingham, following a disturbance at the screening of the new Disney movie, Frozen 2.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon after a group of teenagers armed with knives and machetes began rioting.

It is believed that the incident is related to the release of the film Blue Story which premiered nationwide on last Friday.   

The producer Andrew Onwubolu also known as ‘Rapman’ tweeted his reaction to the controversy and the numbers the film made over the weekend.

West Midlands Police say ‘a number of our officers were assaulted, and a number of people were arrested as a result of that’. They also urged any member of the public to report anything they might have saw or heard at the time of the occurrence.

As a result of this Vue cinema made the decision to ban the film from its 91 UK and Ireland venues.

After temporarily suspending the film, Showcase cinema decided to return screenings of the film. The decision included an increase of security measures to help reassure the safety of its staff and customers.     

Here’s what journalism students of Birmingham City university had to say about the incident.

Iyobosa Ozigbo quizzing two BCU students on the ‘Blue Story’ movie ban

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