[VIDEO] ELECTION 2019 – ‘What we want the new government to sort out’: demands from BCU students


Mobile journalism by Kamisha Griffiths, Safiya Nur, Laura Wood, Dan Rundle, Jade Morris, Tabata Bernal, Lydia Johnson and Mulenga Chola reporting

Today marks the final deadline for British citizens to register to vote in the forthcoming General Election.

Thursday 12 December is the day that thousands upon thousands of first-time voters will choose the political party they trust on ballot papers up and down the country.

BCU Journalism students roved the city centre campus finding out what fellow university students’ views are about the policies they want action over.

Crime, homelessness, treatment of NHS staff in the workplace and an end to the infighting in parliament are all on their agenda.

Nearly three million people have applied to register vote in the past month, according to Government figures. Applications can be submitted until 11.59pm tonight, Tuesday 26 November.

You can gen up on all the policies that parties are proposing. The BBC and Sky News all have Election Manifesto guides for your local area.

Fullfact checks the facts on election pledges. Why not check them out?


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