Solihull boxercise class aims to be accessible to families with additional needs


Children with additional needs can struggle to find a group fitness activity that is accessible for their abilities — but one fitness professional has decided to address this by developing a new sporting opportunity for children and families in Solihull who need additional support.

BoxerciseSEN is the creation of Nora Ma, of Envolve Wellness. Nora, a prevention practitioner and boxercise instructor, adapted a boxercise class that welcomes families with any range of physical and developmental needs.

A visit to BoxerciseSEN in Solihull

Children attend BoxerciseSEN with a parent, and families and classmates work together through fitness drills, balance and coordination exercises and boxercise sparring.

Nora says she adapts the activities to each child’s individual need, whether that is balance, endurance, or something else.

“Each one is different, and that’s why we’re here, to learn from you and to work with people, with families, to make sure our exercises are adapted to them.”

Nora Ma

Classes are held in a relaxing, friendly environment, Nora said, with like-minded families, so each student “can be completely themselves.”

BoxerciseSEN is taught in Solihull at Shelly Farm Community Centre and St Helen’s Church, and in Kings Heath at New Life Baptist Church. Envolve Wellness can be found on Facebook.

BoxerciseSEN at Shelly Farm Community Centre in Solihull

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