EXPLORE – Top 20 speeding hotspots in the West Midlands

Photo by Mauro Sbicego on Unsplash

The top 20 speeding offence locations in the West Midlands have been revealed.

Numbers for the 20 worst speeding hotspots in 2020 were given by West Midlands Police, following an FOI request on their website.

34,253 speeding offences were clocked by the police across all 20 locations – and Birmingham’s local M6 motorway accounts for over 16,000 of them.

The minimum speeding penalty is £100, with 3 points added to your license. Offenders can be given a speed awareness course in some circumstances instead.

The fines issued for all of these offences in 2020 could be around £3.5 million.

Can you guess the worst location for speeding offences in the West Midlands? Find out, using our map below.


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