ELECTION 2019 – The Battle for Birmingham: Edgbaston


Jade Morris and Tabata Molina reporting

Leading up to the general election on December 12 2019, we look into the candidates of each party, as they are all fighting to become the new MP of Edgbaston.

Preet Kaur Gill

Preet Kaur Gill, 47, originally from Edgbaston. She is representing the Labour Party for Edgbaston and plans to tackle climate change and to find solutions. She is also planning to look at issues on scrapping of free TV licenses, re-opening of Sure Start Centres and living wage.

In March 2019, Preet also backed a bid to stop Brexit, for a second referendum to take place. She is against Brexit, saying it will have a big impact on working-class people, the environment, migrants and the communities that the Left aims to represent.

Alex Yip

Alex Yip is currently representing the Conservative party for Edgbaston. He aims to ‘deliver Brexit, keep the Union together, uphold democracy and turn Edgbaston blue’.

Alex Yip, Conservative candidate for Edgbaston

The most important things to Alex are ‘hope and desire to make a difference to what we care about and to leave things better than how we found them’.

“I strongly believe in civic duty and in giving something back to the community. There are a number of causes I passionately believe in.

Having suffered with mental health in the past I am a strong supporter of adult mental health and the charities Mind and Papyrus having done fund-raising for them in the past. I am also proud to be British Chinese and proudly carry my heritage with me.”

Alex Yip, Conservative candidate for Edgbaston

Colin Green

Colin Green, originally from Lancashire but now based in Quinton, is the chosen candidate for the Liberal Democrats party for Edgbaston.

Colin is an active local campaigner and is regularly seen on local doorsteps, talking with and listening to local residents. Taking action on local problems.

Colin is a hardworking activist and has earned a reputation for getting things done. He does not support Brexit.

Colin Green, candidate for Liberal Democrats for Edgbaston

Phil Simpson

Phil Simpson is one of the candidates for the Green Party for Edgbaston, a candidate has not been confirmed due to not having enough funds. So far the party has reached half of its £5,000 pound target to try and ensure someone can stand in each of the second city’s constituencies.

Who will win? The people of Edgbaston will decide.

Do you live in Edgbaston? Have you registered to vote yet?


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