Birmingham hosts Woman’s Tennis Fun Days for the first time


A women’s tennis group will hold two fun days in Birmingham for the first time to encourage more females to take part in the sport.

She Rallies are a collective created by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to promote and engage women in tennis.

The organisation is putting on two fun days at different locations for women and girls aged four and over to learn more about the sport and enhance their skills.

This celebration of women in tennis will be delivered by LTA She Rallies activity organisers and LTA Level 1 tennis coaches Carolle Forde-Garcia and Iman Mahmood.

The events will take place at Moseley Tennis Club on 10th April and at Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre 17th April.

Wendy Hamils will be attending the first fun day of the two.

“I’ve always been interested in tennis,” Hamils said.

“But I was encouraged away from sports in general so I never competed in it and only took part in the sport at the gym.”

Hamils claims that she was encouraged away from sports because she is a woman and believes that she could not pass up the opportunity to take part in a sport she loves to watch.

The 20-year-old said: “(The fun day) is just a day where women and girls can learn more about tennis and enhance their skills in a safe place.

“it’s very hard to find somewhere where women and girls feels safe, especially playing sports.”

According to a national research study 97% of women have been sexually harassed with the majority reporting instances while playing sports or working out.

“Women are harassed everywhere they go,” Hamils added.

“So, for someone to offer a place where we can take part in a sport safely is special.”

She Rallies hopes to “empower and expand the number of women and girls coaching and playing tennis across the UK.”

Hamils said: “Hopefully (the event) will get more girls involved in tennis and promote tennis to women like me who had been encouraged away from it.”

Tickets are free but they must be booked through Evenbrite.

Hamils said: “I’m really looking forward to it, I will be able to meet other people with an interest in the sport as well as learn more about it.

“(I will) be able to celebrate women playing tennis and I’ll be one of them.”

To book tickets to the events:

Moseley Tennis Club:

Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre:


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