BCU sports scholar supports NHS through lockdown


Birmingham City University sports scholar finds a way to break through the lockdown and support the NHS.

Credit: Jessie Lutwyche

The first lockdown was a huge disturbance to 22-year-old student nurse Jessie Lutwyche plans and goals for the year.

After previously competing in 10k, half marathon, marathon and cross country, she had put herself in great position ranked third in the UK as an U23 athlete.

With cancelations of all competitions she had to adapt to the new surroundings.

“I was unable to undertake my strength and conditioning sessions, so I made my own home gym… I learned to become more self motivated and disciplined, ” She said in response to the question on what she gained from the first lockdown.

Going forwards to todays lockdown Jessie knew she would have to make changes again but also took what she learned from the last.

Not only does she need to balance training but now education.

Jessie said; “I have learnt that its ok to feel slightly demotivated some days this is natural, however its important to think into the future and focus on small gains and personal progress.”

As an athlete training at the moment is all about maintenance and prevention of any injuries.

Jessie and her coach has come up with eight week cycle blocks for training, to help keep her fit and healthy but also prepared for any competition in the future.

Working in the NHS can be daunting and being away from family, Jessie expressed the importance of community and a routine.

To conclude Jessie said; ” its natural to be worried about tsking anything home to my family, but i feel that as a student nurse it sis part of my duty to help out in anyway i can ans relive the burden off other nurses.”


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