West Midlands Police find “kidnapped” girl

Police video showing car
Still from video released by West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police have found the girl that was suspected of being kidnapped in Birmingham.

The police shared the news in a social media update. They said that a 17 year old girl, shown in the footage revealed, saw the police’s appeal and attended a police station to report that she was okay.

Although there were some concerns the girl had been harmed, she has assured the police there were no sinister intentions behind the men in the car and has not disclosed any other offences.

The West Midlands Police are making some follow-up enquiries and will be referring the girl to support services.

This is after the West Midlands Police made an urgent appeal yesterday following the release of a video that showed a young woman being “bundled up” in a car in a suspected kidnapping.


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