“The Commonwealth Games are a great opportunity for Birmingham to sparkle for the world”, says art gallery


The director of an art gallery in Birmingham has said that being in the Commonwealth Games is a great opportunity for the city to “sparkle for the world”.

Deborah Kermode, Chief Executive and Artistic Director at the Midlands Art Centre, said that “in the UK, and across the world, we all have assumptions about other cities and the type of cities they are.

“With Birmingham, I think that people have quite a negative idea. They think we’re a dirty, industrial city, and I think we’re so much more”.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games – Birmingham 2022 -, is an international multi-sport tournament for Commonwealth members. After London and Manchester, this is the third time England has hosted the Games.

The Games are scheduled to take place from July 28 to August 8, 2022. The Commonwealth Games Federation named Birmingham as the host city at a news conference held at the Arena Academy in Birmingham on December 21, 2017.

The MAC is one of the art venues that will be portraying the cultural and art side of the Games. The exhibitions they have in 2022 are focused on the theme ‘Our Place in the Commonwealth’, which celebrates both local and international artists, whose heritage is “reflected in their work and who bring fresh perspectives to notions of Commonwealth, Britishness and identity”.

Deborah says that she hopes people are “inspired and they see themselves on the walls, on the stage, and the cinema screens at MAC.

“I hope they feel part of the community. I hope that they feel that their experience, how they lived their lives is recognised and celebrated and cared for. I hope they know that we listen as an arts venue and also as a festival.

“We want people to know that we appreciate all the nuances of living in this city, and all the communities that make it as brilliant as it is”.

She added: “I hope younger people are inspired and that they feel that culture and art are part of their every day life; and they feel excited about living in a vibrant and diverse city”.


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