Seven out of ten people in the West Midlands are obese or overweight


Only three out of ten people in the West Midlands have a healthy weight, with the other 7 out of 10 being classified as either overweight or obese.

The information comes from the latest Health Survey for England published by the NHS in December 2017.

Compared to the rest of England, the West Midlands is in a bad condition, only the North-East region has worse results.

The worst in physical activity

The outlook for physical activity is similar. The West Midlands was the worst region across England.

Only half of the people from the West Midlands meets the aerobics guidelines, while two out of five are inactive or do low exercise, according to the study.

The activity rate in the West Midlands is at the worst position in England. The region is also the one with the biggest proportion of inactive people or doing little sport.

Across all the country, women are more inactive or they do less sport than men, although women have a healthier weight than males and fewer problems with obesity and overweight.


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