New Water scheme to cut plastic waste


Water UK launched the New National Drinking Water Scheme today. The scheme aims to cut down on plastic waste by allowing people to refill after bottles for free at shop and cafes across the county. It will cover every major city and town by 2021.

Michael Roberts, Water UK Chief Executive said:

“As an industry with a strong focus on the environment we are passionate about tackling the problems caused by plastic bottles, which clog up rivers and drains, and pollute our seas. By refilling water bottles, we can all help turn this harmful tide of plastic waste.”

The staff of Water UK, David Simpson, said the measure in Birmingham will not be introduced in Birmingham until September this year. 


History has shown that the scheme can work. The 2015 Refill Bristol scheme cut plastic bottles consumption by 22.3 million, by making water refill points more accessible. David Simpson said it could be replicated in other city as the first stage.


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