Lifestyle blogger Lily Pebbles: “I wouldn’t be where I am without Birmingham City University!”


Lifestyle blogger and ‘YouTuberLily Pebbles says she wouldn’t be where she is now if it wasn’t for Birmingham City University.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for my uni. It’s funny because I never actually wanted to go to university, and this was the only one that I actually applied for.”

Charlotte Carey – my old lecturer- encouraged me to start a blog and it all came from there really.”

Lily Pebbles is a Marketing graduate and the university’s ‘Graduate of the Year’ this year and was talking about her impact in the digital world at BCU’s ‘City talks‘ event.

She was discussing her new book, ‘The F word: A personal exploration of female friendships’.

This is a subject that has particular relevance at the moment, with the gender pay gap as well as sexual harassment (the #metoo campaign and Hollywood scandal) gaining mainstream attention.

The book was released on International Women’s day and she talked about the timing of it:

“The timing is a bit of a coincidence. It’s always been an important topic for me, but the more people that are talking about it, the better.“

“I’d always considered it important, and I just needed to find the right platform for it. The topic is really what inspired me.”

Lily’s former lecturer, Charlotte Carey introduced the event and praised her entrepreneurship as she listed her list of achievements.

With over 450,000 subscribers on YouTube, 400,000 followers on Instagram, a blog, collaborations with various beauty brands, a podcast and a book now under her belt, she discussed why she enjoys what she does:

“I’m quite a creative person. It’s really nice to be able to your own thing, to be your own boss. I enjoy that, and there are perks too.”

She admitted that she hadn’t always intended to enter the YouTubing world:

“I wanted to be a popstar! My dad and my whole family are in the music industry and they told me not to.”

“I never knew what I wanted to do. My uncle was in advertising and I always wanted to do that. When I started out after University I was a runner on adverts, and it’s the side of this job that I really enjoy.”

“What I do now is kind of marketing and advertising – just for my own brand. I love coming up with new ideas and I’ve found that side of the book really interesting.”

Lily Pebbles was talking at Birmingham City University’s ‘City talks’ event following the launch of her new book, ‘The F Word’.


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