Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable: “Practical Brexit problems are so big, we don’t leave”


The newly elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Vince Cable spoke at the centre for Brexit studies at Birmingham City University on Friday talking about the impacts of Brexit and what the future holds.

Speaking to a crowd of over 100 guests, Sir Vince Cable spoke about how he sees three realistic outcomes for Brexit. Firstly, an orderly government Brexit where we pay the divorce bill and leave on good terms. Secondly, that there is a breakdown in negotiations and that by 2019 no agreement is reached between Whitehall and Brussel, to the point where we effectively crash out of the EU. The third option is that the practical problems of leaving the EU are so big that in the end we don’t leave and the government is forced to look for another way out.

Other topics brought up were the discussion of project fear and the power of journalism within the Brexit debate, the potential impact on education, including universities and how much faith we should have in President Trump in putting us to the front of the line for a trade deal.

You can view the full Twitter moment of our live blog below:


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