Fierce Festival returns to Birmingham

Alternative perfomance art. Marie Caroline.

Marie Caroline. Photo credit Marcin Maziel. Image provided by The Corner Shop PR.

Performance. Parties. Politics. Pop.

The Fierce Festival returns to Birmingham today (16th October 2017), with acts from artists such as Dorian Electra and Selina Bonneli.

The live arts festival will be on until 22 October 2017 and although it only lasts for a week, Fierce plays a key role in developing Birmingham’s reputation as a city of culture.

Artistic director of fierce, Aaron Wright said that this year the Fierce team “have made a conscious effort to produce work on a bigger scale,” to make the festival the most spectacular it has ever been.

Aaron is excited for every act in the coming week but says he is looking forward to ‘everything fits in the room’, a performance that is highly inclusive of the audience.

Simone Aughterlony, ‘Everything fits in the room’. Photo credit: The Corner Shop PR

The week is packed with interactive performances and aerial displays. Aaron said this is because “Fierce really lets artists who are working at the edges of genre take risks and experiment.” 

Fierce hosts performances that are usually only found in London. When asked why live performance art festivals deserve a place in the West Midlands, Aaron said:

“Audiences everywhere deserve access to top quality, international and experimental work.

Fierce has a Brummie personality. It doesn’t like to take things too seriously, it likes to have a laugh… it’s a very laid back, inclusive atmosphere.”








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