Coventry United LFC fans in uproar after football team receives a 10 point deduction


Coventry’s football fans took to Twitter to express their disapproval as the FA (Football Association) handed a 10 point deduction to the Coventry women’s football team.

The FA statement says: “The Football Association can confirm that a 10-point deduction has been imposed on Coventry United Ladies FC pursuant to Rule 19.2.2 of The FA Women’s Super League and The FA Women’s Championship Competition Rules.

“The points deduction has been applied immediately in accordance with Competition Rule 19.2.4.

“The automatic points deduction may be appealed by Coventry United Ladies FC in accordance with Competition Rule 19.2.9.”

The team has been dropped to the bottom of the FA Women’s Championship as a result of the points deduction.

With 11 games remaining to play this season, they are already 10 points behind relegation rivals Watford.

Nevertheless, the Coventry team is able to appeal the FA’s decision.

The news struck fans on social media, expressing the injustice of women’s football being submitted to men’s football regulations.

David Smith tweeted: “Shocking decision as surely the points deduction needs adjusted in accordance with the number of games at this level. As in the mens game they play 46 games plenty of opportunities to turn round 10 points . I hope everyone gets behind the team with big attendances show support”.

James Cassidy added: “Utterly pointless and counter productive. How can deducting 10 points from a club has gone into administration and that effectively no longer exists be justified. It’s unfair on the players and does nothing to support women’s football in the long term. Shameful decision”.

Coventry United LFC has been through a tough journey during the holidays, as members of the team received the news of that their club was going into liquidation and their contracts would be terminated on January 4th.

After the news were announced, fans started a fundraising campaign to save the team.

However, Lewis Taylor, the chief executive of a Midlands energy company, struck a deal to save Coventry on the day the club was about to go into liquidation, and is willing to invest between £200,000 and £250,000.

Kirstin Bunce, player of Birmingham City University women’s football team, says: “Sport is extremely beneficial to mental and physical health and socialising and team work. So many young women leave sport for various reasons so it’s important they have strong female role models to look up to.

“It’s just unnecessary, to compare men’s and women’s games. why can’t women’s sports just be left to flourish without comparison?

“The threat of women’s teams being easily liquidised is extremely worrying, especially for the players and people who work for the team who’s jobs are on the line. I’m worried this will deter people from working in women’s football and have it taken even less seriously.

“Women’s sports definitely needs to be taken more seriously. In today’s society we are constantly mocked for doing something extremely beneficial for us. I definitely think this is why a lot of women choose not to get into sports or leave it”.


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