Cork popping makes wine taste better, study shows


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Wine tastes better if the bottle is closed with a cork, according to a new study.

The research led by Oxford University is the first of it’s kind and found that the sound of a cork popping can actually make drinkers think that the wine tastes better.

The cork vs screw-cap debate has been a hot topic in the wine industry for decades and the aim of the study was to test whether the sounds and sights of cork-stopped and screw-cap wines being opened would influence the perception of the wine inside the bottle.

Overall, 15% of people rated the same wine as better quality when served under a cork.

The wine under a cork was also rated as more appropriate for a celebration than a screw-cap.

Birmingham Wine School owner, Rob Price, thinks the results are very interesting: “Perception is everything, I think it gives many people a sense of theatre when the wine is opened.

“The reality is, that the wine won’t taste any different whether it’s screw-cap or cork but if it makes people look more favourably on the wine then that’s ok.”


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