Childcare workers’ union draws up alternative plan in bid to save council-run nurseries in Birmingham


A union for childcare workers has submitted “alternative proposals” in a bid to save community day nurseries across Birmingham from closure.

Birmingham City Council could close 14 sites it operates, suggesting they are no longer financially sustainable.

But the GMB union says the decision would leave some of the poorest families in the city with no provision.

The group has now outlined alternative proposals for each of the nurseries earmarked for closure.

Gill Ogilvie, GMB regional organiser, said: “The council’s initial proposal would have cost in excess of £2.5million and left the city with no council-run community nurseries.

“This was clearly unacceptable.

“As a fundamental principle, we believe that these are vital services and they are best delivered in the public sector.

“Our alternative proposals have been developed in consultation with our members employed in the nurseries.”

The GMB now wants councillors to discuss the union’s plans in more depth.

Gill added: “We have already received huge support from parents and staff.

“We now hope that councillors will work with us to see if we can progress our proposals and, together, support much needed community nursery provision continue in the city.”


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