Group launches appeal for donations to help support Birmingham’s homeless this Christmas


The Birmingham Support Group has launched its Christmas outreach programme to collect clothes, food and donations to help the homeless and needy across the city.

According to a recent report by Shelter, one in every 88 people in Birmingham is classified as homeless.

Sean Conboy

Sean Conboy

Sean Conboy, from the Birmingham Support Group, said they were looking to help as many people as possible during the run up to Christmas

“We aim to help people in all kinds of circumstances, whether that is mental health issues, people with dependence issues with alcohol or drugs, or people who are just down on their luck,” he said.

“We offer short term assistance in the form of cups of tea and coffee, hot and cold food, clothes and other stuff like that.”

The group has seen increased demand for its services, meaning they now struggle to keep up with the amount of food needed to supply everyone with a meal – something they expect to get a lot more difficult as Christmas approaches and the streets become colder.

Sean said: “A couple of years ago we started off with about 30 or 40 people coming but we can see upwards of 250 to 300 people now.

“There’s a massive difference in Birmingham city centre now, homelessness has become a lot more noticeable and a lot more visible than it’s ever been before.

“As a group of people and a group of friends we just want to make a difference to people individually and make their week a little bit easier.”

For details on how to help and donate visit the Birmingham Support Group Facebook page.


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