Big screen success for Birmingham based special effects studio

Prosthetics and makeup special effects at Father Phantom Studios

Photo credit: Twitter @FatherPhantom

Halloween’s come a few weeks early for one Birmingham business. Father Phantom Studio, based in the Jewellery Quarter has been working on spooky special effects makeup for not one but two upcoming horror films. Cain Hill – based on real life events – follows a group of documentary film makers as they get more than they bargained for when exploring a mysterious asylum. The studio brought the horror to life by creating and applying all the gore makeup that you’d expect from a film featuring an abandoned building and a terrifying figure with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Ben Fallaize and his friend Laura Viale-Durand founded Father Phantom Studio in 2014 after working together on a makeup demonstration at London Comic Con. “It’s ambitious, and has that old school horror film vibe we both like” says Laura.

“It was about creating the correct result for each wound or death. It involved researching wounds from different objects. It was a lot of prosthetics. We kept the designs subtle and believable to match the realistic approach of the film.”

A screenshot from the film AUX, with makeup and special effects by Father Phantom

Screenshot from AUX (2017)

The second big project for Father Phantom came after a chance encounter at the Cannes Film Festival led to a role behind the scenes for the film AUX. The studio set about creating a gruesome head–to–toe creature effect for the action horror flick due out in cinemas 10th November.

“The film has a very interesting concept, and it allowed us to design a great character from head to toes. It was a big makeup, approximately 4 hours in the makeup chair and a great collaboration with the costume department. Seeing the creature on set was great and filming the scene with John Rhys Davies was a brilliant experience.”

There are no signs of Ben and Laura slowing down just yet either. A sneak peek of a top secret project posted to their Twitter feed suggests it has something to do with ‘monkey business’…



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