Birmingham Market move delayed again


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Birmingham market has been delayed once again, after a malfunction with the sprinkler caused the latest delay.

Birmingham Wholesale Market’s move from the city centre location near the Bullring shopping centre to a new location in Witton has been 10 years in the making, but the opening has been pushed back to February 2018. When construction began in November 2015 the initial estimate was for the site to be completed in a year, but that deadline has been repeatedly pushed back, now scheduled to be ready 15 months later than expected. Issues such as the sprinkler system’s weight impacting the integrity of the roof, as well as the floor not being reinforced enough to cope with the weight of the forklifts have hampered the development.

With just 90 units in the new market and 270 in its current location, there is a worry for many that there might not be a place for them. The land is set to be renovated and turned into a new leisure complex, which may marginalise the space in between the Bullring and the new centre, where the indoor and outdoor markets currently reside.

Birmingham Wholesale Market’s life on the historic site can be traced back to the 12th century when Peter De Birmingham obtained a Royal Charter to hold a market at his castle, and some feel that they are being ousted from the site. “It’s going to run more like the Bullring shopping centre, seven days a week, and for many of us who aren’t big businesses, we just can’t do that.” Keith Bull, a market trader at the Bullring indoor market said. “I’ve been here for 35 years and I can definitely see a change. I’m worried about what the move will do for passing trade because it will take away a huge part of the market in Birmingham.”


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