Birmingham Conservatoire launches Jazz Club


Birmingham Conservatoire Orchestra

The newly established state-of-the-art Birmingham Conservatoire Jazz Club launches in full swing on Monday night, with a line-up of entertainment programs.

Monday nights are set to be Ellington nights with the band playing American legend, Duke Ellington’s album “Such Sweet” Thunder.

The Birmingham Ellington Orchestra director, Jeremy Price told Birmingham Eastside that the new home of jazz in the city is already attracting international artists:

“We are setting up a Jazz Club for the city and beyond, we are already picking up a lot of international artists who want to play,” said Price,

“This is a new state-of the-art conservatoire first to be build in a generation. It was really important that we build this place specifically for Jazz and build a Jazz Club based on the model of Ronnie Scott’s and Village Vanguard in New York.”

“He (Ellington) is like one of the fathers of the music, sort of a cornerstone for the music for us and I wanted to represent that on a regular basis. The students like playing Ellington and the audience love Ellington, it reminds everyone what Jazz is all about,”

Tuesdays see the orchestra play a mix of masters of jazz as a way to ‘honour and put their repertoire front and center for everyone.’

Artists from all over the world will be gracing the club on Thursday guest nights, while the Cuban Dance Party on a Friday night prepares jazz fans for an exciting weekend.

Price added, “(It) is fantastic atmosphere of a jazz club, which is increasingly rare these days, it is a beautiful room; fantastic acoustic. The musicians play with power and energy, great commitment and love for the music. It just comes right out to the audience.


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