Young​ entrepreneur launches ​fashion line during global pandemic

Young entrepreneur, Domitilla Ayiah, has launched her own clothing brand ‘Elevation Empire’.

The 22-year old currently lives in Nottingham but was born in Germany to Ghanian parents. Using her diverse culture and personal experiences to shape the label, Ayiah launched Elevation Empire last month.

Inspired by her own life journey of trial and error, Domitilla set up an Instagram page dedicated to her new clothing line and business.

Domitilla models a T-shirt from her line.
Credit: Domitilla

The message behind Elevation Empire is to help motivate and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. “I had started posting about my brand last year, and we have now officially launched a T-shirt line.”

She keeps herself focused on creating a healthy environment for herself. “I am inspired by the people who I surround myself with, and I also mingle with amazing people. I am mindful of what I feed my mind with and take the time to listen to motivational speeches on a daily basis .”

Credit: Domitilla

Starting as just a simple idea two years ago, Domitilla slowly designed her ideal brand and decided she wanted to help ‘elevate’ others no matter what their religious background is.

Elevation Empire is currently only available in the UK, but Domitilla has big plans to ship internationally and spread her motivational message to customers worldwide.

Alison Lewy, founder of Fashion Angel, tells Birmingham Eastside: It is important to recognize that people don’t just buy products anymore  – they buy into the story and values of a brand. Social media is super helpful in building brand awareness and trust, but it does take time. These platforms can be used to tell your story and create a connection with your target customers by creating and posting interesting content that is going to resonate with them.

You must have good imagery that reflects the brand,  and be consistent – to keep on track. It can be helpful to create a content calendar to plot out which platforms will be used, what the mix of content will be (images, video, blog posts), and when the content will be posted. You then should be constantly measuring what is or isn’t working and adjust your strategy accordingly.” Said Lewy.

Domitilla views potential competitors as inspiration. “I sometimes look at profiles of people who are already doing something similar to what I plan to do. What are they doing? How can I do it better? What works for them? These are the things I ask myself.”

Domitilla has planned to create a website for Elevation Empire as the business continues to grow. She hopes to branch out and sell hoodies, leggings and joggers alongside the current t-shirts.

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