We’ve built an #AcademiesInBrum database and need your help


As part of our #AcadamiesInBrum series, we’ve talked about everything from sitting down with Boldmere Mums founder Kath Scott to exploring just what an academy is in modern day Britain is.

Today, we’re opening up the data behind the series and letting you get onboard. Overtime, more schools will become academies in Birmingham and equally, those that currently are will change when it comes to Ofsted grade and achievements of the students and because of that, we need your help.

With your help we’re going to be able to keep the data about academies in Birmingham open, free, unrestricted and up to date.

If you notice that a school is not on our sheet (maybe it’s just converted) or that the information is out of date (maybe it’s had a new Ofsted inspection or new exam results) then you can help us keep the data open by updating the database.

Simply access the data on Google Sheets (click here) or via GitHub (click here) and then either amend the school’s information to the latest one or add the information, using the categories below and finally by providing a link to where the data was sourced from.

If you have any queries you can email, data@birminghameastside.com and we’ll help you along the way.

What information are we looking for?

  1. The school name
  2. If the school is less than 12-months old (as of August 22nd 2017)
  3. The full six digit postcode (XXX-XXX)
  4. The educational phase of the school
  5. The sponsor of the school
  6. The latest OfSted Rating
  7. Attainment 8 Score
  8. The number of students getting a C+ in English and Maths
  9. The schools ranking for reading
  10. The schools ranking for writing
  11. The schools ranking for maths
  12. Percentage of students where English is not their first language
  13. Percentage of SEN/EHC Students
  14. Total number of pupils

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