Villa paying employees as usual but exclude stewards


Aston Villa are continuing to pay their employees at the club as usual throughout the current pandemic but have not included stewards under this category.

The Premier League club label match day stewards under the ‘casual match day’ staff and therefore will not get paid during the pandemic.

Many clubs across the top four leagues in England have been furloughing non-playing staff to help with finances in what is a difficult time for football clubs with little revenue being made.

Aston Villa have not released a public statement on their plan of action for during this pandemic.

However, Guardian Journalist Paul Doyle understands employees at the club are still getting paid as usual, he said: “The club have continued paying all employees as usual, with the situation under regular review.”

Mohammad Saghir, 24, was a steward at Villa for four years but has recently left the role after understanding he wouldn’t be getting paid during the pandemic.

Mohammed Saghir, former Aston Villa Steward

Saghir thinks that the stewarding team should be involved in the clubs employees, he said: “I don’t know why stewards aren’t included as part of the employees.

“We would turn up to Villa Park every week to do our job like the players, what makes our jobs so different that we don’t carry on getting paid but they do?”

Aston Villa did decide to pay the stewarding team for the postponed game against Chelsea which was meant to take place on the March 14.

“To pay us for a game which was postponed was a nice touch from the club and it was something I hoped they’d continue to do.”

Saghir is hoping that on behalf of all his former colleagues, Villa reconsider their decision and see the bigger picture.

“This situation isn’t ideal for my former colleagues whose (like me) only income was through stewarding.

“Financially, I couldn’t stay as a steward during these times, knowing I’ve got no money coming in. I hope the club rethink their decision and understand that stewarding is some peoples only source of income,” said Saghir.

Villa are yet to comment on the situation.


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