Thomas Noel releases latest single ‘Only Paris’

Thomas Noel performing – credited by Thomas Noel Music Facebook page

Thomas Noel returns with brand new track ‘Only Paris’

After his debut single ‘Pass Me By’ he has returned with new music, but this time has a full band behind him.

This song is an energetic love song, where the city of Paris is used to set the scene, the sounds of instruments used help create feel-good vibes, this song will make people want to rock out. You can hear softer yet rich tones from Tom’s amazing vocals.

The lyrics portray two people in love who face challenges and obstacles yet find comfort in the romance of Paris. Starting off slow with the use of an acoustic guitar but quickly steps up the pace with the full band setting as drums and bass/electric guitars kick in. 

Tom is a singer/songwriter from Birmingham.  He started out as a solo acoustic act, but recently decided to have a band to make his music sound bigger with the use of drums and bass/electric guitars.

Tom’s style of music is influenced by many different artists, such as Johnny Cash and The Cure which helped him find his indie/folk sound.

He played his first ever plugged in show on the 28th September at The Sunflower Lounge and plans to bring his band on stage with him, as more dates are to be confirmed.

For more info be sure to check out his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @thomasnoelmusic. You can also visit his website.

‘Only Paris’ is available to stream everywhere now. 


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