The Running Viola breaks world record in Birmingham


‘The Running Viola’, has set yet another world record this weekend at the Birmingham International Marathon.

Alistair Rutherford became the world’s fastest marathon runner in a musical instrument costume this weekend after running the Birmingham Marathon in 3 hours 23 minutes. 

“Everyone thought I was bleeding”

“It may have been amazing to look at… not so fun to run in.” Alistair said.

“My arms were so tired at the end I had to tuck them inside the costume.

“I had a Facebook livestream going..the back of my calves were all orange (from the costume) and everyone thought I was bleeding, in the end it just looked like a bad fake tan job.”

For those of you thinking my legs were bleeding in the marathon, it was orange paint. Next world record, fastest marathon dressed as an oompah loompah? 😂 Oh yeah and that is right leg like sandpaper too !

Posted by Alistair Rutherford on Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Birmingham City University Conservatoire student has raised thousands in the process for The Arco Projectcollaborative UK-South African project.

ARCO, which is also the name for the technique of playing a stringed instrument with a bow, aims to provide the benefits and life changing inspiration of music to children in the most deprived circumstances.

Conservatoire staff and students – including Alistair – have been acting as role models for vulnerable youngsters living in Soweto, a Johannesburg township deeply affected by poverty and crime.

“Music is my inspiration, the fact that I am able to change people’s lives through charity. It’s made me really take a step back and think how inspirational it is for the kids to study music out there [Soweto, South Africa].”

After setting another world record, there is a question of what next?

“No specific plans in the costume, I’m looking forward to the cross country season, but I do have a plan to try and break my half marathon record at the Great North Run”

If you are wanting to follow his progress you can find him on Twitter or via his JustGiving page.


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