The impact COVID-19 has on footballer’s day-to-day life.


For Walsall youngster Jack Nolan, the role of a professional footballer is a job where he eats, sleeps and breathes football for six days of the week, every week.

However, recently, this lifestyle has been put on halt due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

Originally, the teams in the English Football League (EFL) were meant to return on the 3rd April but it has now been extended until the 30th April with another later date expected.

The EFL’s latest statement on Coronavirus.

Nolan, 18, agreed that the EFL made the right decision in postponing the league on the earlier this month.

18-year-old Jack Nolan, Walsall FC player.

“People’s health has to come first, us players and supporters shouldn’t be putting a game of football ahead of that,” said Nolan.

Nolan was also pleased with the EFL’s decision not to play the games behind closed doors. He felt that games wouldn’t have the same competitiveness in an empty ground as it usually would.

“I think calling the games off was a better idea than the original idea to play behind closed doors.

“The fans are a massive part of the game and if they weren’t at the games then it would’ve almost felt like a kick-about and not a proper game,” said Nolan.

The last game to take place in the EFL was on the 8th March when Derby County beat Blackburn Rovers.

Nolan, who joined Walsall in January from Championship club Reading, discussed how different it has been for him, having to ‘work from home’.

He said: “It does feel strange to me, I’m just trying to do what I can at home to make up for the games we miss.

“I’m concentrating mainly on my fitness, it feels a bit like before going back for pre-season.”

All Walsall players are given a gym programme for them to follow when at home.

Nolan said: “I’m also keeping with my gym plan at home that I was given when I joined. Us players are expected to return from this break the way we left, fit and sharp.

“This isn’t a pre-season break where we’re getting a few weeks off to relax, we’ve got to stay on top of it.”

It is thought that the remainder of the EFL season is to be played in the summer with Euro 2020 now being postponed until 2021.

Nolan has no issue with finishing the season in the summer if needs be, he said: “As a player you want to complete the season for the club and also the fans who have spent so much money on home and away games this season.

“When the time is right, they (the fans) deserve to see the end of the season, whether that’s in the summer or a later date.”

Nolan and his Walsall side will be looking for a late play-off push when they return to league two but whilst this pandemic continues, no-one is too sure when we’ll see the next game of football.


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