The Birmingham Music Awards launch night returns to Birmingham


The Birmingham Music Awards launched last night at The Crossing in Digbeth to scores of music fans

The crowd at the Music Awards event – Jade Morris

Cassandra Maria, presenter and Instagram influncer from Birmingham hosted the launch night.

Throughout the evening she announced that nominations are now live and gave us the details of how to vote for your favourite artist/band, she also introduced the many artists and bands who performed at the event.

Birmingham Music Awards gives local musicians the change to showcase their music and help them grow when it comes to fanbase and also sales of music and tours.

Talking with Jo Jeffries and Ace from Skunk Anansie organisers of the music awards mentioned that a lot of planning and organising goes into the event such as finding acts to perform on the night, front of house staff, voting system online, sponsors, media and advertising.

It’s not all about the awards it’s about bringing together a community of musicians and people that contribute to the music scene within the region and this was something we did not realise in the first year. That’s why this is even more special as it is about people coming together and creating opportunities for themselves which is why the awards are so important to us.

Jo Jeffries, Birmingham Music Awards organiser

The atmosphere throughout the night was phenomenal and everyone who attended the awards thoroughly enjoyed themselves. For someone people they had discovered new bands or artists they hadn’t heard of before and possibly would like to hear more of their music or help create opportunities for them.

Alternative band CityLightz commented: “It is exciting to be here and was a great turnout, always a privilege to play for the Birmingham scene and be apart of the Birmingham Music Awards.”

They have recently released a new EP and recorded it back in March at Abbey Road studios and excited to be recording Part 2 next year and will be back on tour next year.

Hanging out with the CityLightz lads – Jade Morris

Stay tuned for the latest info on the awards, it is set to be held in May 2020 but dates are still to be confirmed.

Voting is now live, all the details on how to vote can be found on their website, keep up to date on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


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