Student athlete shares home routine

View of a bike ride. Credit:Free images

A Birmingham City University athlete has discussed the changes in her active lifestyle under the current lockdown.

Amy Winchester, 19, explained how she had adapted her workout plans to be able to complete them from home. 

Winchester, who represents the University rugby team, detailed her home routine in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.

She said:  “Our rugby coaches have tagged us in some workout videos and challenges to take part in. Other than that I make sure that I make sure I get my one hour a day, everyday. Through running, walking or cycling. I also sometimes implement small weights into circuits.”

The outbreak of Covid-19 has severely impacted many students routines, when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

The government lockdown meant the closure of facilities and some food shortages. This has made it hard for students who have a strict regime and limited budget.

Winchester, who studies Sports Nutrition at university, said: “During this time it’s important to boost our immune systems which can be done through various vitamins and minerals.

She said: “I have a smoothie a day packed with a variety of these fruits and vegetables. I try to maintain a balanced diet through regular meal times which can be hard, especially as my routine has changed.”

Another impact of the Coronavirus outbreak has been the cancellation of sporting events, at both national and local level.

Statement on the cancellation of Varsity 2020. Credit- @TeamBCU on Twitter

In relation to University sports, Varsity 2020 was cancelled marking a huge disappointment to the many teams who had been preparing for the season to take on Aston University in the competition.

Winchester, who was due to compete in her first Varsity for the BCU women’s rugby team, explained the frustration of the events cancellation.

The BCU women’s rugby side earlier in the season. Credit: BCUwomensrugby on Instagram.

“Along with varsity, other tournaments were cancelled,” she said.

She continued: “ It was very frustrating for us all as we had been training towards these for months. We recruited more players in January and were looking forward to progressing the team further.”


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