Solihull Moors coach talks on how he’s adapted to the lack of football


A Solihull Moors coach has spoken about the impact of Coronavirus on the football season and how it has ‘changed the dynamic of our lives.’

Myles Cooper is the Head of Football Development at Solihull Moors. He, along with others at the club, have been struggling with the lack of football since the cancellation of the season.

Cooper said: “It’s difficult from a number of perspectives. All fans love football. It brings us excitement, passion and camaraderie and not to have it massively changes the dynamic of our lives.”

Football clubs at all levels have been using online communication to contact players and check on their physical and mental health.

Solihull Moors are no different with Cooper saying: “All of the players have been given home programmes to do, which involves physical and mental aspects.

Myles Cooper in action with Solihull Moors F.C. (Second from the left)

“The youth players have been given individual and group tasks across webinars and have been told to read a number of books to make sure they are staying positive and mentally healthy. The players need to come back healthy and ready to go when the season’s back.”

In terms of the clubs support during this time Cooper said: “The football club is fantastic. We have a great chairman who is supportive and compassionate about the current situation. When the club as a whole is like this you feel a little bit better in troublesome times.

“It’s tough for the younger players at the moment because the biggest problem is not being able to play football every day like they normally do. We are giving them encouragement during this time to help with their self-development and so they can stay ready for the new season.”

Ninety per cent of the National League teams recently voted to void the season, with promotion and relegation issues to be decided.


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