Regeneration plans for Perry Bar set to be completed by 2040 


Perry Barr is to see a big change in the next coming years with £700 million worth of investment into the area.

The significant investment in the area will provide a catalyst for change, enhancing the area as a place to live, work and visit. 

The reconstruction of Walsall Road and the building of 1,400 homes as part of the Perry Barr Residential Scheme are among the ambitious proposals.

Another key opportunity is to promote a healthy community by enhancing walking and cycling routes making them safe for public use.

The council has created a master plan for the region called ‘Perry Barr 2040: A Vision for Legacy’ to build on this investment and maintain momentum. 

This plan is the first step toward determining how the area should develop over the next 20 years and establishing a structure to achieve a shared goal.

The public has previously been consulted to help shape the plan. Feedback was captured at events, public meetings, and surveys through interactive platforms and local libraries. 

Photography source: Birmingham City Council

A Youth Engagement campaign was also conducted, with 74 young people responding to a survey and providing valuable feedback. This reaction demonstrated how Perry Barr is viewed by young people now and in the future.

The master plan will be made accessible to the public by the end of February 2022 at one of the local libraries: Perry Common library, Birchfield library, and Tower Hill library.

Representing Perry Barr for Birmingham City Council, Jon Hunt has commented on these plans and the future of the city.

“The council’s next step is to put together a project board, often known as a delivery plan,” said Councillor Hunt. 

“We can now begin to include specifics, such as what is expected to occur and when it will occur. 

“One of the most important tasks is for us as local councillors to be involved because we can help move things ahead. 

“Reducing traffic congestion and maintaining road safety for pedestrians is a significant problem on which we will act upon.”

He added: “As we take the vision forward, this is not just about the homes and jobs that will be created. This is about developing and building our community”. 

Leader of Birmingham City Council, Ian Ward, expressed his views on the redevelopment.

“You can feel the city’s energy and look forward to its future,” said Councillor Ward.  

“With the Commonwealth Games being our catalyst, it has built our opportunities to transform and expand upon Perry Barr.”

“These modifications will result in the construction of new residences, enhancements to public transportation, walking and cycling paths, new community facilities, and vibrant public areas.”


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