“Purpose Is Important” – How the AIM Academy helped blossom a young rapper’s career


Not many people get the opportunity to learn arts from some of the world’s greatest musicians, but it was a different story for Harborne local Zac El-Naqib. Since attending the Apache Indian Music Academy in Birmingham from 12 years old, his journey has continued to evolve at every level. Having just secured a

As many young musicians start off, it’s always a challenge to find your feet and know where to start.

“Ever since I began making music I knew what my destination was, but I just didn’t know how to get there” Zac explains.

“As I grew up I learnt and witnessed a lot which helped me understand who I am as a person and what my purpose is. I’ve been doing music for around 8 years and things have only just began to fall into place, so it just goes to show if you are lost don’t give up keep looking; you will find your way when the time is right.”

As he has grown up into a young adult, Zac has credited 12-million record selling Apache Indian and the AIM Academy to helping him become the rapper he is today.

Zac has stated that Apache Indian (Above) has been a big inspiration to him, and his academy has helped him grow. (Credit: Des Willie)

“I have only the best experiences with Sir Apache Indian. We’ve been on stage countless times in front of thousands and it’s magical each and every time. He’s a great man, with a beautiful legacy. The AIM Academy is such a warm and encouraging environment that makes you feel at home. When it comes to the youth not as much goes on as should, so having a place like the Academy is great for young people.

On a day to day young children are exposed to so much and it is truly overwhelming.  Having more places like AIM Academy would be great because it can help distract kids from nonsense and guide them.”

AIM Academy has helped young people with career ambitions in music. Zac can be seen to the right of the photo in this tweet.

Speaking about Zac, Apache had this to say:

“Zak’s skills have developed to another level now that he is mixing and mastering his own records and helping others with music too. I truly believe that Zak has a lot of potential to be an international recording and touring Artist.”

Apache, from Handsworth, rose to fame with the release of his single “Boom-Shack-A-Lak” – hitting the top 10 charts back in 1993.

One thing that Zac sees as must when it comes to music is consistency, and not letting anyone tell you different.

“You see, in life good things rarely come fast, so if you’ve got a dream to become the next Drake, then be prepared to put in the work like Drake; a lot of people don’t know this, but Drake didn’t blow up until he was 24. As long as you don’t give up on yourself, then you will reap the benefits.

Zac is currently doing BTEC Music Production at South and City college in Birmingham to continue his aspiring rapping career.

You can listen to Zac’s latest remix with fellow Birmimgham artist Ary on Sunday June 13th at 6pm.


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