Promising changes announced at COP26 -but not everyone is happy


Climate crisis protestors of the COP26 event in Glasgow expressed disappointment as they felt more could have been done despite the climate crisis agreement to make sure emissions fell by 2030.

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The Conference of the Parties 26 (COP26) in Glasgow ended on November 12 after two weeks of planning and discussions.

Gloria Agyare is a programmes officer for the Ghana Youth Environmental Movement. She was positive the conference would be successful.

She said: “I expect to see a comprehensive plan on how world leaders [politicians]can rapidly implement indigenous and climate-safe initiatives within the shortest period to address the rising climate crisis. Also, I expect to see urgent and adaptive actions.”

Protestors with sign saying 'Stop Coal Now'

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Greta Thunberg, who is a Swedish environmental activist, joined protestors outside the event after not being invited on November 1 where she rallied the protests.

She said: “They are just politicians and people in power pretending to take our future seriously.”

Miss Agyare agreed with Greta’s statement that politicians have been turning a blind eye to public concerns.

She added: “We chose them to do what is right and needful to secure our future and we demand that from them now.”

Labour MP, Nadia Whittome, has also been active on Twitter where she commented on the COP26 guests.

Miss Whittome continued to hold the individuals inside the conferences accountable with her main goal appearing to involve the fossil fuel industry. A video she posted on Twitter has had more than 153k views.

She said: “Those who are benefitting from the system are never going to change it. That’s why it’s so important that the rest of us speak out, expose this corrupt climate hypocrisy and take the fossil fuel industry down.”

Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson at the COP26 conference
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It has been agreed at COP26 that emissions must fall by 45% by 2030 as well as a rare climate deal has been struck between the U.S and China.

Although it wasn’t as promising as protestors expected.

Ms Thunberg told BBC Scotland: “It turned out just the way I expected and that many others had expected. There is still no guarantee that we will reach the Paris agreement.

“Even though we might have made some progress, some small steps forward we must remember that the climate crisis is about time, it’s an accumulative crisis and as long as we make small progress that means we are losing since Climate Crisis is all about time.”

The three main bits of news that came from COP26 are:

  • A global agreement to accelerate the action on climate
  • The Conference of Parties agreed on phasing down unbated coal power
  • The Paris Rulebook, which agrees on how the Paris Agreement is delivered, was completed.

You can find out more about the agreement here.


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