Platform for Black artists is launched by Birmingham’s newest art gallery


The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery is introducing a programme to help Black, Asian and ethnic minority creative artists get a better start in the industry.

Throughout Black History Month, the gallery, which is next to the Sealife Centre in the city, is hosting an exhibition showcasing black talent from Birmingham.

The ‘Black Artists for Black History’ exhibition is giving under-represented talent more visibility in the contemporary art space. The gallery claims it will be an opportunity for all communities to learn about Black history and its links to British history in a ‘fun and educational way.’ 

Beyond Black History Month, Albert Wallace and his team are also going to be launching a creative platform, advocating for this group of artists, and focusing on getting them a better deal in the industry.

The group is called ‘I Inspire’ and is centred around not only creating opportunities for these artists, which Alvery says aims to help them financially.

“It is saying that we are greater in numbers. The aim is to create both an online and physical community, and to use our gallery space to help our artists to become more professional.”

Covid-19 has highlighted the challenges of funding and mentoring. The platform allows the classes to be hosted both online and in the gallery itself, meaning that artist can be supported online.

“This platform will be looking specifically at the application of approach to organisation. To give opportunities and also give financial support. This group is about advocationg and also helping artists to be more professional, and it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you fit into the group.” 

Albert Wallace

To find out more about the Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery initiative, click here.


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