Opening of new pubs and bars in Birmingham increased 4% in 2019


25 new pubs and bars opened in Birmingham in 2019 according to new data published by the government.

Birmingham was 8th for the highest number of pubs and bars opening in 2019 according to data published by the Office for National Statistics shows that.

William Stenson, assistant manager at The Colmore in Birmingham, said: “Birmingham, in general, is one of the up and coming cities within the bar trade and beer scene. 2019 was a great year for opening venues and it seems to have exploded the Birmingham beer scene”

West Midlands saw the addition of 750 new pubs and bars being opened in 2019.

The Colmore opened December 2019 on Colmore Row in Birmingham and reached capacity on their opening night.

Originally set to open early 2019, legal issues delayed the opening until the end of the year:

“The building before The Colmore and Lloyds Bank was a Quaker meeting house that had a ban on selling alcohol that was still valid, so we needed to get that changed legally before we could do anything.”

The bar is in collaboration with Pivovar, a specialist beer importer, and Thornbridge Brewery, both located north of England.

Mr Stenson said: “Thornbridge beers have become quite common now. You see them in supermarkets but you don’t really see their beer in Birmingham in casks, kegs or bottles in venues. They have a good reputation in the North but that’s it at the minute.”

In the UK, Wiltshire had the highest number of new pubs and bars with 45 openings.

Manchester suffered a loss of 50 fewer establishments from 2018 to 2019.

Despite 25 new pubs and bars adding to competition in Birmingham, there is a good relationship between local pubs, bars and businesses:

“We’ve had an amazing reception from everyone around here, we didn’t want to tread on people’s toes. Other bars are supporting us, and we are supporting local businesses. We’re building a good relationship.”

William Stenson

The opening of 25 new pubs and bars in Birmingham has brought 500 jobs into the city.

The Colmore said they have a lot of staff to allow flexible hours for their staff as well as employing local university students.

The UK has seen an increase in employees in pubs and bars from 2018-2019 including occupations such as bar staff and chefs/cooks increases.

However, the number of people in the UK eating in restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés has decreased by 0.2% from 2018-19.

Mr Stenson said: “Some days there is an awful lot of food orders and then somedays we won’t get much at all. I think it’s mainly that people come in for drinks and then they notice that we have a food menu.”

After being open for a month, he said: “This year is our building year so we can try and get out there, get known and next year we can really shine.

“We’re improving our menu and improving staff training on wines to ensure people know that there is something in here for everyone.”


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