No Deal Brexit will spell ‘disaster’ for Birmingham, claims Labour MP Preet Kaur Gill


Prime Minister Theresa May is ‘blind’ to the country’s opinion of Brexit, minister declares in this Birmingham Eastside exclusive

Brexit is undeniably the most debated political change of this generation. The Labour MP for Edgbaston, Preet Kaur Gill talks to Birmingham Eastside about Wednesday’s indicative votes on the Brexit options and how the second city will be impacted.

MP Preet Kaur Gill (Preet Kaur Gill Website)

Last night, MPs met at the Houses of Parliament to vote on the possible Brexit Options. They were as follows: No Deal, the Norway Model, the Norway model without a Customs Union, Leave with a UK Customs Union, Labour Party Alternative, Revoke Article 50, Second Referendum and Seek standstill with EU if no deal.

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Preet Kaur Gill, who is the MP for Edgbaston covering Bratley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton, voted Yes for a leaving the Customs Union, Yes for revoking Article 50 and Yes for a Second Referendum.

Speaking to the Birmingham Eastside, Gill said ‘’It was clear from the indicative votes that the most popular options are a deal which includes a permanent customs union with the EU – which I have been saying is essential to protecting our economy ”.

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The Threat of a no-deal Brexit

According to the Birmingham City Council, the constituency of Edgbaston had voted a Remain majority at 22,844 to 20,542, during the EU Referendum. However, Birmingham voted to Leave as a majority, by 227,451 to 223,451.

Gill revealed that the biggest issue revolving around Brexit ‘’is the threat of a no-deal Brexit’’ and how this could impact the West Midlands, as a whole.

In last night’s indicative vote, MPs voted 160 for a no-deal Brexit, and 400 against.

She went on to say a no-deal Brexit would ‘’be disastrous for our manufacturing and automotive industry’’ as it ‘’employs thousands of people in the West Midlands and is a key contributor to our local economy.’’

Theresa May promised Tory MPs she will resign if they back her deal

Prime Minister Theresa May has been defeated twice in the Commons over the deal she negotiated with the EU. However when she reproposes some elements of the existing deal to them for a third time, she has vowed to stand down if ministers back it. Gill declared this ‘’so desperate that she has resorted to using her own resignation as a bargaining chip. May’s irresponsible rhetoric needs to be toned down, as it does more to divide than unite the country’’.

Today was meant to be the day of Britain’s exit from the EU. However as the two years since the Referendum result have shown us, the process has taken many twists and turns. There is still a clear divide between the Remainers and the Leavers. So the question still remains: ‘What is going to happen next?’


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