NHS bed crisis strikes hard in Birmingham


Visualization by Wan Ulfa, Victòria Oliveres and Carmen Aguilar

Five out of six hospitals in Birmingham had over 85% overnight bed occupation rate from July to September 2017, according to the last NHS England report.

During the day, the rate was even higher. Three out of five hospitals had over 90% of their beds occupied.

All the beds were full at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust for that period.


During the second quarter of 2017, the bed occupation day rate improved in all Birmingham hospitals, in comparison with the previous years. Only the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust didn’t follow this tendency.

Since their merging in 2015, the Children’s Hospital and the Women’s Hospital have had better results.

However, at night all the hospital had their beds fuller than the earlier years.

National ranking

The six Birmingham hospitals are widely scattered in the national ranking.

Overnight, the Birmingham Women’s and Children Foundation Trust had the best result, holding the 19th national position with a 77.8 % bed occupation rate.

The most crowded hospital was the University Hospital Birmingham at the 203rd place.

During the day, the ranking changes, the Birmingham Community Healthcare Hospital being at the 14th position.

At the 141st rank, the Heart of England Hospital had 100% bed occupation rate.


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