Local football gives mixed reaction to potential league reshuffle


Additional reporting by Jacob Dann

Pictured: Romulus manager Jason Lanns

Two Birmingham-based football managers have given their backing to the proposed restructuring of the non-league pyramid.

The reshuffle, authorised by the FA Alliance, would see more than 100 clubs moved up the pyramid from steps 3-6 of the non-league system to allow for new divisions to be formed.

Castle Vale manager Tom Albutt said “I like them [the changes]. It means the structure will be stronger and non-league will have an even tighter pyramid. The games should be more competitive, especially lower down the leagues. 

“I can see more fans having access to games as they’re not being asked to travel more than an hour away.”

Romulus boss Jason Lanns has also given his verdict on the proposals, saying:  “I think the changes are brilliant, they will make the MFL [Midland Football League] better.”

Lanns also expressed some of the positives of the proposal, he said: “After two seasons ending early it would have been a shame for the consistently good sides to miss out on promotion. I can’t see anyone being put off by this as it will limit travel so clubs save [money], and it gives us all a boost.”

However, Albutt noted a potential drawback of the proposals, adding: “Some clubs with big budgets in some leagues will be moved into leagues that are stronger on paper and will potentially become weaker. I can see some teams building through financial means easier and potentially having a few whipping boys at the bottom.”


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