Life in New York City before lockdown


New York City is the most diverse and populated city in the United States. It has 28,000 residents per square mile according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The architecture, history and culture of NYC also makes it the most popular place to film movies, TV series, commercials and all sort of other creative productions. Every year more than 300 films have been filmed in New York.

New York Public Library. (Credit: Jovita Strolyte)

Before the whole world went into lockdown, Birmingham Eastside visited New York City and had the opportunity to meet Caitlin Keating.

Caitlin is an award-winning journalist. For over six years she was a staff reporter and writer at PEOPLE magazine and New York Times. Currently she works as a freelance journalist and also she is making documentaries. She covers exclusive human interest and crime stories, produces video shoots for stories and appears on camera.

Birmingham Eastside with Cailtlin Keating (fourth person from the Left). (Credit: Jovita Strolyte)

Caitlin waxed lyrical on what’s so special about The Big Apple: “I would just say what is not special about it. Every time I come here I find that magic.

“So many people from all over the world are here and social classes are in so many different levels. If you walk down the street you see a billionaire to your right and a homeless person to your left.”

As a financial capital of the world, New York City is home to countless list celebrities and other well known entertainers and public figures.

Robert De Niro, Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lopez, these are just a few of well known actors and singers that every New Yorker can meet in well recognized areas such as the West Village, SoHo and the areas around Central Park.

During the week in New York, BCU students had an opportunity to be a part of the studio audience for popular talk show “The View” with Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg is one of only 14 entertainers to have won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards. She spreads positivity in all the possible ways every time you look at her she can make you smile. The main guest for the show was veteran “Star Wars” actor, Anthony Daniels.

Whoopi Goldberg posted a short video on her social media to show support for the people affected by the virus in the city, saying: “You have to be smart to make it in New York and we are resourceful, we are showing how resourceful we are.

“And because we are united, when you are united there is nothing you can’t do. And because we are New York tough. We are tough, you have to be tough, this place makes you tough but it makes you tough in a good way. We gonna make it because I love New York.”

According to data from Johns Hopkins Unirvesity, New York City has now recorded 24,788 deaths.

All non-essential businesses will stay closed until May 15th, which is when some reports say that Governor Andrew Cuomo might look to ease the lockdown in the city.


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