“It will show Birmingham to be a unified and diverse city to the rest of the Commonwealth” – councillors come together to scrutinise community fitness scheme


Councillors in Birmingham met yesterday to discuss the future of a plan aimed at helping fitness levels in the region.

The ‘Active Communities’ scheme is designed to help the region come together to improve physical and social health. Director of the Active Wellbeing Society, Steve Rose said:

“We know that physical activity is not just good for physical health, but for social and mental health and general happiness and wellbeing.

“Our job is to try to reach out to people who are not active, and bring them into the scheme.”

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The proposal for the scheme was met positively from Labour councillor for Kings Norton North, Alex Aitken. He said:

“In its most simplistic way, it’s just about getting people out and active, which is something this city desperately needs especially building up the Commonwealth Games.

“It is intended to bring these communities together, it will show Birmingham to be a unified and diverse city to the rest of the Commonwealth.”

“Inclusive, as opposed to exclusive”

The proposal came under scrutiny from Conservative councillor for Bartley Green, John Lines. He said:

“I want to know what the direct connection is between this investment and the Commonwealth Games.

“This scheme needs to be one that is more inclusive, as opposed to exclusive.”

Also at the meeting was Labour councillor for Handsworth, Hendrina Quinnen, who said:

“From what I have seen it seems good, however I would like to see more evaluation on what is working so far in the scheme. It has to serve the whole community.”

Rose responded: “This is a pre-legacy for the games. We will work across the city to bring equal opportunities.”

The scheme will begin later this year. It is one of 12 being piloted across the country, which received a combined grant from Sport England of £100 million.

You can read more abut the scheme and where it will happen here.


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