AUDIO: Islamic school teachers agree with Cameron’s comments


Two senior staff members at Wisdom Academy Islamic faith school in Birmingham agree with David Cameron’s comment that people should make more of an effort to learn English.

Both the headteacher and the deputy have commented on recent comments made by the Prime Minister, who said that Muslim women have to learn more English.

The risk of becoming isolated

Headteacher Sakhawat Ali believes that people need to speak the language of the country they live in. He warns about the risk of otherwise becoming isolated from the community.

At the same time, he says this applies to all people who decide to live in another country to their own, including British in Spain.

Listen to Sakhawat Ali discuss the issue of not speaking the local language.

It helps to learn English

Soraya Garnier, the deputy headteacher at the same school, stresses how important is it for people to learn the language properly.

“If mothers come to pick up their children from school and they do not speak English, how will they talk to their children’s friends, other parents or even the teachers?”

Listen to Soraya Garnier talk about the benefits of learning the language.

David Cameron has been accused  in the media of singling out Muslim women, which could lead to their stigmatisation in British society.

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