INFOGRAPHIC: Labour Leadership – Corbyn winning the online race

0 is the most visited leadership campaign website

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign website is more popular than Andy Burnham‘s, Yvette Cooper‘s, and Liz Kendall‘s, receiving 20,000 hits in June 2015, while both Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall received 15,000, and Yvette Cooper only 10,000.

Yvette Cooper: not very popular online

Despite Yvette Cooper being seen as the second favourite on the 8th of May, her popularity, based on the online analytics, has diminished significantly in the following month. Visitors on also spend the least amount of time on her site: 59 seconds on average.

Despite the decline of hits on her official campaign website, Yvette Cooper has managed to secure the vote of a majority of Birmingham’s MPs.

Jeremy Corbyn has gone from least likely to win, to bookies’ favourite

OddsChecker is predicting Jeremy Corbyn to win the election with odds on 13/10 that he will be elected the next leader of the Labour party. You can view the live update on who is favourite to win the leadership challenge here:


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