INFOGRAPHIC: The state of pay: Birmingham in 2014

  • Erdington has on average the highest paid workers in Birmingham, earning on average £482.40 a week. That’s £64.50 more than the UK average of £417.90 a week.
  • The highest paid sector in Birmingham in 2014 was IT, with an average wage of £41,213.
  • Students account for over 30% of Birmingham’s economically inactive population.

While the West Midlands’ employment rate is at its highest since summer 2008 and 19,000 businesses were created in the past year, if you’re a working woman in Birmingham, new data reveals that you are still very likely going to be earning less than your male colleagues.

The data – published by Birmingham City Council and Nomis – reveals that gender inequality is still an issue throughout the region.

It shows that in 2014, your average male worker in Birmingham was earning £494.50 a week compared to £326.90 for a female worker. That’s a 41% difference.

The average difference of £167.80 a week adds up to £617.20 per month and £8,054.40 per year.

The same data also shows that in 2014, there were 17,000 more men employed in Birmingham than woman, a difference of 10.8%.

At the same time, while 77.3% of the UK is economically active, only 69.7% of Birmingham’s population is economically active. For those in Birmingham who are not economically active, 30% are students and only 20.4% are those who are claiming disability living allowance.


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