“I’m 38 and this is my first time voting” — listen to singer-presenter Jamelia explaining why she’s campaigning in the 2019 election

Jamelia speaking at the Labour rally at the Custard Factory

The singer and presenter Jamelia has explained why she’ll be voting in this year’s election — having never voted in any election before.

The Handsworth-born celebrity was appearing at a Labour rally at the Custard Factory alongside BeatFreek Collective, Kioko and UB40’s Jimmy Brown.

Speaking to Birmingham Eastside, she said she was joining her 18-year-old daughter, who will be entitled to vote for the first time, at their local polling station this month.

“For me it’s so important,” she said. “As a community we have been truly suffering at the hands of a Tory government and a lot of us we feel that we can’t do anything about it but your vote means so much.”

Listen to the full clip below:

You can also watch video from the event of Jamelia speaking to the crowd — as well as UB40‘s Jimmy Brown and other coverage in Dylan Hayward’s Twitter thread.


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