How has Storm Eunice affected the UK?


More than  15,000 homes in the West Midlands were left without power due to damage caused by Storm Eunice.

Eunice hit the UK in February and was regarded as one of the worst storms in decades.

The storm caused massive disruptions with four reported deaths, with damage to buildings, transportation issues and several people injured.

Image of a tree that has been blown over due to Storm Eunice, courtesy of unsplash:

The Met Office reported that the storms’ wind speed was up to 122mph – the highest-ever recorded.

The storm also affected students at Birmingham City University. Naim Hussein a second year Finance and Investment student said, “One of my classes were completely cancelled because of it and one of my uncles in London, a tree hit his car.”

Toni Sealy, a second year Criminology student also at Birmingham City University, said: “I got stranded in London and couldn’t come back for my seminar.”

The storm was so powerful that it ripped off the roof of the 02 arena, with rapper Santan Dave having to postpone his shows.


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